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Beatles Contracts – Capitol Records – Interpretation

April 6th, 2011 by David Kronemyer · 1 Comment

Here are some memoranda re: interpretation of various issues arising under Capitol Records’ contracts with the Beatles. The relationships between the parties were unnecessarily complex and many of their disagreements arose primarily as a result of the loose contract standards and practices prevailing in the 1960s – early 1970s. The agreements did not envision, or incompletely envisioned, many of the developments that took place in the record business; and, the shifting arrangements between the members of the band. The more the parties tried to clarify or amend their agreements, the more contentious they became. These documents are for historical interest only.

February 17, 1981 – Chronological Listing of Claims

February 19, 1981 – List of Claims, Promotion Issues

February 24, 1981 – Apple Claim for Rate Differential

February 27, 1981 – Apple Claim for Scrapped Inventory

February 27, 1981 – Beatles and Apple Road Map

April 1, 1981 – Beatle Product Label and Series Numbers

April 1, 1981 – History of Publisher Licenses Computations

April 9, 1981 – Apple Audit Claim for AFM Fees

April 16, 1981 – Apple Audit Claim for Excess Package Deduction

May 12, 1981 – Default Penalty against Apple

May 12, 1981 – Sometime in New York City