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Don Buchla

September 18th, 2016 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

I knew him somewhat – he was based in Berkeley, and I was, too, for awhile. Although I had used them, I never really could afford one of his marvelous creations, until about 15 years ago. When Rick Smith, the ultimate knowledge source for all things Buchla, helped our production company find two original System 100’s, and […]

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King Crimson – Live in Toronto – November 20, 2015

March 1st, 2016 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

This is an excellent recording and if you are a fan of the group you definitely should download it immediately. As advertised, this is a novel formation of the band with three drummers – the effect of which is somewhat reminiscent of Clear Light (not the Clearlight of “Forever Blowing Bubbles” but the late 1960s […]

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hollow moon rings like bell, bell summons gods

February 18th, 2016 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

Went to a concert last night by Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain of monome at the Machine Project in Silver Lake, an intimate performance venue. Probably a couple dozen audients in attendance. Brian worked an assortment of monome electronics and sang (briefly); Kelli played ukulele, sang, and also played electronics. Kelli is a ceramicist, and several […]

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Exiles and Starless by King Crimson

December 17th, 2015 by David Kronemyer · 1 Comment ·

This is a meditation on two songs by the band King Crimson – Exiles and Starless, both dating from circa 1973-4. As a performing unit, KC has migrated through a dozen or so iterations, each with different personnel and musical style. While opinions differ as to their respective merits, from my perspective, each is wonderful, […]

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The Intern Picture

August 7th, 2015 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

One of the consequences of being an older psychology student is that you get to interact with fellow students who are half your age. This can be tricky to navigate, because you have high stimulus value. You are, like, as old as their parents. But you don’t want to remind them of their parents, teachers, […]

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Capsule Review – “Seveneves” by Neal Stephenson

May 25th, 2015 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

I recently finished reading Neil Stephenson’s book, “Seveneves.” I’ve been a Stephenson fan for awhile, the first book of his that I read was the three-volume “Baroque Cycle,” which I thought was a real tour de force. It made me loop back and read some of his earlier oeuvre such as “Snowcrash” and “Cryptonomicon.” I […]

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An Encomium to Blue Cheer

March 14th, 2015 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

I was a disaffected adolescent in my last year of middle school when three power trios burst upon the scene: Cream (with “Sunshine of Your Love”), Jimi Hendrix (with “Foxy Lady”), and Blue Cheer (with “Summertime Blues”). The first two would go on to achieve massive success; the last, to vanish, basically unknown. Yet, at […]

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Kraftwerk at Disney Hall, Los Angeles, March 18, 2014

March 19th, 2014 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

I saw the Kraftwerk concert at Disney Hall on Tuesday March 18th with my nephew Alexey. It was amazing! The sonics inside of the venue were possibly the best I’ve ever heard for loud, amplified music. Back in the old days there were stacks of speakers on the side of the stage, racks of amplifiers, […]

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Alvin Lee RIP

March 6th, 2013 by David Kronemyer · No Comments ·

I noted with regret the passing of Alvin Lee, guitarist/vocalist for Ten Years After.  I was a huge fan of the band when I was attending Point Loma High School in San Diego.  I saw them several times, I specifically recall two performances, one at Balboa Stadium at San Diego City College and another at […]

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Don Tiki’s Hot Lava Holiday Show at Disney Hall – December 20, 2012

December 21st, 2012 by David Kronemyer · 1 Comment ·

I took my daughter, niece and her husband to see this show at the Disney Concert Hall.  I did so in a moment of post-modern irony since it is difficult to imagine anything more retrograde.  The performance was miserable, only serving to reinforce the worst imaginable cultural and racial stereotypes of happy islanders busy serving […]

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